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Last month, on April 22, the United States celebrated Earth Day. Earth day, an annual celebration, was born in 1970 out of the nascent conservation and environmental movements. At the time, Earth Day was largely seen as a construct of the counterculture, however in the 1990s, it began gaining mainstream legitimacy. Today, Earth Day is celebrated by just about everyone. It is a day to turn your attention to conservation and energy use in your life! However, to truly embrace the spirit of Earth Day, you should live every day like its Earth Day. We have some tips for doing just that.

Assess your home energy use

Most of us only closely consider our home energy use when we look at our monthly power bill. At that point we say, “Woah! I am using waaaaay too much electricity.” Then we forget it. Cutting down on your energy use doesn’t have to be hard. Take a systematic approach to figuring out where you could make changes. Look at your energy use appliance by appliance. It shouldn’t be hard to find small areas where you could make cutbacks. Smart technology can be a massive help in this area.

Consider Major Changes

You can gain a lot of ground by making minor changes to your home energy use. Some homes can reduce their energy consumption by as much as 38 percent without purchasing any new appliances or making major changes. But if you really want to make a lasting impact, you could consider investing in HE appliances, solar panels, LED lighting, or any number of energy efficient technologies. Making major changes can be costly initially, but often, homeowners will end up saving money in the long run as they consume less energy on a daily basis.

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