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Most people are unaware of one of the most crucial components to their indoor plumbing, their home, and their happiness in general. Indeed, the good life would be unattainable without a properly functioning ejector pump. Although this plumbing component is renowned for its reliability and low maintenance, from time to time things go astray. But ejector pump repair and ejector pump maintenance is fairly simple. And you may be able to accomplish your own home repair after this blog, although it’s best to call a qualified plumber like the ones employed at Parker and Sons.

Its Function

Basically, an ejector pump breaks down solids so that your sewage flows to the city sewers away from you, your home, and your family. People don’t often think about this piece of equipment, nor are most aware of its function. But if it were to break, all would fall, literally and figuratively. Your sewage would actually return to you home and eventually bubble up to the surface through drains, showerheads, and faucets.


This sounds silly, but the number one problem we see with ejector pumps is a power failure. In other words, people forget to plug the ejector pump in. But a burnt fuse can also cause a power failure, so it is wise to consider this option while healing your ejector pump. The other most common problem results from a broken type switch. This will cause the pump to cease cycling, and replacing the pump may be the only viable option.

In the event that a replacement is necessary, it’s best to leave the endeavor up to the professionals. Parker and Sons requires all their technicians to undergo rigorous training and pass complex certifications tests. Your pipes are in good hands when consulting the top plumbers in the valley, Parker and Sons.

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