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An HVAC system can provide years of dependable and reliable service for homeowners. With that said, there are some useful and effective ways of greatly improving the overall levels of performance of any HVAC system. From residential homes to commercial applications, HVAC systems are designed to perform more effectively when these simple strategies are implemented.

Circulating Air

For example, one of the easiest and inexpensive ways of improving the performance of an HVAC system is to simply consider the installation of ceiling fans throughout a home. Ceiling fans cannot only help by reducing the amount of air conditioning that is needed but they can also help by carrying and circulating air throughout a home making the entire system more efficient. Because ceiling fans use considerably less energy than a typical air-conditioning unit, they are a great way to take a little bit of pressure off of an HVAC system during the hottest times of the summer.

A Key Aspect Of Maintaining Proper Temperature In A Home

Surprisingly, ceiling fans are also highly effective at warming a home during the winter. This is simply due to the fact that ceiling fans will draw heat from the ceiling down into the livable part of a room. This is a key aspect of maintaining proper temperature in a home that simply should not be overlooked. Equally useful with regard to circulating air is portable fans. While maybe not as attractive as ceiling fans or as aesthetically pleasing, portable fans can be highly effective at moving air around and reducing the stress and strain of a typical HVAC system.

Important Energy Savings That Simply Should Not Be Avoided

Finally, some other simple and effective ways of creating better operational performance with regard to an air conditioning and heating system is to simply ensure that a programmable thermostat is installed and used. Typically speaking, a programmable thermostat will save upwards of 10% on heating and air-conditioning costs. This is important energy savings that simply should not be avoided. As an added note, upgrading windows and doors and checking to ensure that leakage is reduced to a minimum throughout a home can also improve performance and save money for homeowners when it comes to a typical HVAC system. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix HVAC system repair and installation.

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