Don't Let Your Halloween Decorations Impact Your Heating and Cooling System - Parker & Sons

Halloween is coming, and we’re sure you’re excited! But be aware of the spooky way misplaced Halloween decorations could impact your heating and cooling system.


We know that when you’re setting up incredible Halloween scenes in your yard, the last thing you’re thinking about is your A/C unit. But, even though this is pretty unlikely, you should be careful that no decorations fall or blow onto the unit. For example, we know that many people enjoy using fake cobwebs, and if the cobwebs get stuck on your A/C unit, that could prevent air from getting sucked into the unit as efficiently.

Also, make sure no heavy object (like a giant skeleton!) falls onto the unit. The idea of that is scarier than anything else that could happen this Halloween!


The same Halloween decoration rules apply to the inside of your home. Those pesky spider web decorations, as cool as they are, can be hazardous indoors. They can get sucked up inside your vents and clog your air filter. The same is true of the sequins, streamers, and other small pieces that often come with Halloween decorations. But if you don’t put these items near a vent, then you don’t have anything to worry about! Just know that if a tiny piece of something manages to make it through your air filter, then it could damage or burn out part of your heating system. Now that’s a spooky thought!

Also, make sure you don’t have any larger Halloween decorations blocking your vents. Not only does this reduce system efficiency, but it could do so at the worst time. If you’re having a Halloween party inside, and there’s cooking going on and people talking and generating warmth, AND you’re dealing with blocked air vents, then your house isn’t going to be able to cool down. Everyone will be uncomfortable! Party foul.

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If you follow these rules and are still experiencing heating or cooling issues this time of year, call Parker & Sons! We’ve dealt with the spookiest A/C and furnace problems you can imagine, but we know how to handle all of them. Bring the experts out to your Phoenix home! Schedule an appointment online or call us at (602) 273-7247!

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