DIY Tips for the Lone Workman (Part One) - Parker & Sons

Have you ever been working on a job and gotten stuck on one minor step because it required two people? Maybe it called for one person to hold down a 2×4 while the other person nailed it in? Or maybe you had to lift something that was just too large for one person to handle? Of course, it wasn’t too heavy. Nothing is too heavy for you. Just… too large. Doing DIY work on your own can be fun and rewarding, but no one likes getting stuck on two-person tasks. Today, we are offering up a few tips for the lone workman.

Circuit Breaker Testing

Nothing is more frustrating than doing electrical testing for a room that is located far, far away from the circuit breaker. Especially when you are not sure which circuit breaker is connected to the area in which you are working. Usually, you would depend on the lights to tell you. You turn all the lights in the room on and go flip circuits until you see the lights go on/off. Well, its time consuming to do that if you can’t even see the room. So, instead of testing using what we can see (we can’t see) let’s use of one our other sense – hearing. Plug in a stereo and crank the volume up. Now, start resetting breakers until you hear the tunes start blaring. As an additional piece of advice, you should probably make sure the stereo is tuned in to the local classic rock station. With any luck, you will flip the breaker and immediately hear – PANAMA!! DUNKCAHUNKCAHUNK PANAMA!! Who better to announce the return of power to your room than David Lee Roth? Now we are really talking about electricity.

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