DIY Tips for the Lone Workman (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

As a DIYer, you are no stranger to creative problem solving. In fact, creative problem solving is probably one of the most important skills a DIY workman can have. When embarking on a DIY job, you don’t have the same advantages as the professionals. You don’t have all the latest, most advanced tools. You don’t have decades of experiences. You don’t have a skilled and knowledgeably team working alongside you. You may not even have a plan! But what you do have is creativity, dedication, and self-inflicted injuries beyond count. You don’t need help. You just need our tips for the lone workman.

Door Dilemma

Installing a new door is one of the hardest jobs a solo-DIYer can do. The issue is, the door has to be lifted into place and screwed in all at the same time. This would be no problem if you had an extra set of arms, but lacking some limb-augmenting surgery, you are going to need a different solution.

Have you ever heard of a lever and fulcrum? It is a basic technique that can make this job piece of cake. A piece of wood and a crowbar are just the things you need. Place the wood on the floor and slid the crowbar between it and the bottom of the door. When you step on the crowbar, the door will lift, allowing you to get it into position hands free. Now mounting it will be a simple matter. As simple as lifting/balance in a massive, heavy door with your foot while juggling a screwdriver and handful of screws. One final bit of advice – don’t drop anything. Seriously, don’t drop anything. Picking it up against will NOT be easy.

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