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Your wedding ring. Symbol of your everlasting love, your eternal devotion to your spouse. A constant reminder calling you back to the happiest day of your life (that is your wedding day, in case you forgot). It is also probably worth a pretty-penny or two. The last thing you is to lose your wedding ring down the drain of your sink. But hey, mistakes happen. You were doing the dishes like you do every night – just a standard part of your marital duty. Still, maybe it is best to try and recover it before anyone finds out.

Luckily a standard sink drain usually has a U shaped bend underneath it. This is called the P-trap and often it can capture small items that have fallen down the drain. If your P-trap is easily accessible it is possible you can retrieve your fallen ring without ever having to call a plumber.

First step – place a bucket or similar receptacle under the P-trap before taking any action. This is going to get messy.

Next – You are going to need a wrench or some pliers. Hopefully you have them stashed nearby. Typically there will be nuts on either side of the P-trap. Loosen these nuts with your tool of choice then unscrew and remove them by hand.

Once the P-trap comes loose everything stored up inside your drain is going to come cascading out. This can gross.  Along with gross, dirty water your bucket might fill up with hair, food particles, slime, sludge, and maybe, just maybe, if you are extremely lucky, a nasty filth-covered ring. Now all that is left is to reassemble your P-trap and wash that ring off so thoroughly that no one will ever know what happened.

If your ring is not in the P-trap, or the plumbing assembly appears too complex, the best thing you can do is contact an experienced plumber like Parker and Sons.

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