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Plumbing is the original On-Demand service. That is right, long before Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN3, HBO Now, Apply Play, Spotify, Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Blue Apron, there was plumbing. With the advent of indoor plumbing, people everywhere had access to On-Demand water. Ready for a shower? Water On-Demand! Slightly parched? Water On-Demand! Need to water your herb garden? Water On-Demand! Just like all the other On-Demand services, when plumbing stops working or doesn’t work right, we become very frustrated. We may even be inclined to throw a slight temper tantrum. What could be the cause of such cessation of essential services? Well, the causes could be many, but today we are going to talk about leaks.

Detection and Diagnosis

Do you suspect there may be a leak somewhere in your plumbing system? If so, it is time to get to the bottom of things. Time to turn those suspicions into certainties, one way or the other, there are leaks, or there aren’t. There is a simple way to determine if there is a leak present somewhere in your home. Start by shutting off all of the appliances in your home that use water. Next, ensure that every faucet, sink, or tap in the home is turned off as well. Now, check your water meter which should be located somewhere outside of your home. Note its current reading. Keep all of your water sources shut off for an hour or more. Next, go back and check your water meter. Does the current reading match what you noted down earlier? If so, there are no major leaks in your home plumbing system. If the reading has changed, that means there are probably leaks somewhere. The more dramatically the difference in the reading, the more water is leaking out of your plumbing system. If this is the case, it is time to call a professional plumber.

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