Discovering Water Leaks - Parker & Sons

The art of plumbing requires a bit of ingenuity and cleverness. Indeed, pipes can be a bit sneaky, and knowing a few helpful tricks can help expose dysfunction. Indeed, when it comes to assessing the health of your pipes, ingenuity is everything. Below are a few helpful tips for dealing with your pipes.

Remain Vigilant 

Every month you should assess your utility bill. If you notice your utility bill suddenly spikes without changing any of your daily habits, then a leak is highly possible. Keep in mind that your pipes are buried under ground or in the walls of your house. Leaks could potentially go unnoticed for years before detection.  The first line of defense is always constant vigilance of your utility bill.

Using Food Coloring to Expose Inefficiency

The art of plumbing requires a bit of subtlety. And this trick truly exemplifies this. In order to expose a leak in your toilet, add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank, wait ten minutes, and then check if the color appears in the bowl. If the color does show up, this indicates a leak in your toilet. It shows that the line is crossed between your outgoing and ingoing pipes. If no color appears, then no leak is present.

Constant Attention

All good things require a bit of time commitment. Be mindful of your cabinets for the buildup of mold or other foul smells that indicate a leak. If you notice anything of this sort, then consult a plumber immediately. Given that Parker and Sons has been voted the number one service provider in the valley, several times over, it is obvious they are a safe bet.

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