Discovering a Leak in the Main Line - Parker & Sons

Slab Leaks affect your home similar to how a terminal illness affects the body. They kill it. Nothing can be more detrimental than the diagnosis. But just like in the world of medicine where catching a pathogen early is essentially everything, so it is the same when it comes to slab leaks. They are insidious but nevertheless detectable. Here’s a few pointers to catch the parasite before it’s too late.

Listen to your Pipes

Listening is everything. Walk into you basement with a mindful ear. What do you hear? Is it the sound of running water coming from a void? If so, mayday. When a pipe burst underground it will create a stream of water or a gentle trickle. Any noise such as this ought to be regarded with the utmost severity and addressed immediately.  Call a plumber immediately. The biggest shortcoming to this method of detection is that it really only works in your basement.

Surging Water Bills

This can be due to a myriad of causes: life style changes, additions to the house, or spiked city rates. But generally speaking, if a surge in your water bill occurs without any significant change in energy use then you may be dealing with a leaking pipe. If a dramatic change occurs it could be the mainline. Call a plumber ASAP.

Foundations Falling

This is essentially late stage terminal cancer to your home. If a slab leak has visibly caused a deterioration to your home’s foundation then run for the hills, it may all be over at this point. There have been several cases of cracking foundations falling hard due to loose soil and a compromised structural integrity resulting from a main line leak.

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