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One of the most troubling situations homeowners can encounter when it comes to an HVAC system is uneven heating or cooling. This is an annoying situation that can ultimately cause increased energy bills and decreased system efficiency. Hotspots and cold spots throughout a home indicate that a system is simply not operating at peak efficiency. Here are a number of simple tips for dealing with this type of situation.

A Variable Speed Blower

For example, many technicians typically recommend that homeowners upgrade their existing system with a variable speed blower. This is an important upgrade that will enable the blower to operate continuously as needed. In most instances, when the blower runs continuously it will operate at the low setting greatly increasing energy efficiency. This helps to better circulate conditioned air throughout the home thereby reducing the incidence of cold spots or hot spots.

One Central Automated Thermostat

Another way to deal with this type of situation is to consider installing a zoning system. An experienced and trained technician can make this determination if installing zoning system is necessary. When a home is subdivided into climate zones it is easier to control temperature. Best of all, all temperature control can be initiated from one central automated thermostat. An integrated system of dampers within the ducting system can serve to achieve the goal of creating a zoning system within a residential HVAC system. Best of all, this type of system is effective at saving money on energy and extending the useful life of a typical heating and cooling system.

Adding Additional Supply And Return Air Registers

Finally, duct sealing and the sealing of windows and doors can be extremely effective in reducing hot spots and cold spots throughout the home. This is an inexpensive and reliable way of eliminating this type of condition in the home. As an added note, many technicians may choose to offer homeowners the option of adding additional supply and return air registers in key locations throughout the home as a way to eliminate hot spots or cold spots as necessary. These are just a few of the most common ways of eliminating this type of problem in a typical residential home. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about heating and cooling maintenance, installation and repair in Phoenix.

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