Damages of Liquid Drain Cleaner (Part 2) - Parker & Sons

If you’ve read the first part of this two part series, you’ll already have a good idea of how harmful liquid drain cleaner can be to you, your health, and some of your items. But what about your actual drain and pipe system? We have some important insights for you to read about. Hopefully, this will help you put that liquid drain cleaner bottle down, and call the professionals at Parker & Sons to inspect your clogged drains.

Dangers to your drains and pipes:

As we’ve been mentioning, liquid drain cleaner is a chemical mixture that is used to break up material that causes most drains. However, when you pour the liquid drain cleaner down your drain, the chemical reaction that is creates generates a lot of heat. While you pour hot water down the drain all the time, the reaction can be so hot that is actually damages, or even melts, your pipes. This is most common with people who have plastic drains or pipes. Due to the heat caused by the chemical reaction, plastic drains and pipes in particular can melt completely, or have a number of holes or weak areas due to the liquid drain cleaner.

While most metal pipes are quite resilient to a number of chemicals, liquid drain cleaner can still have the ability to cause long term damage to your pipes. While they might not melt like plastic drains or pipes, the chemicals can cause the metal to become weak, which could result in things like cracks, leaks, and pipe bursts if the situation gets that bad. If you have older drains and pipes, you should avoid liquid drain cleaner altogether, even if your system is composed of metal. If you use the liquid cleaner, your pipes will crack even faster, which could cause some serious, and very expensive, plumbing issues.

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