Crucial Tips for Summer Energy Savings (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to the Parker & Sons blog where we are once again discussing summer savings. Year after year, this is one of the most important topics that gets brought up around the Parker & Son’s offices. It isn’t just loyal Parker & Sons customers asking this question; it is Parker & Sons employees as well! Everyone wants to save money; they just aren’t sure how. We have spent the year talking with some of our most experienced technicians, and they have helped us compile this list of summer energy saving tips.

  1. Curb Appliance Use

While this may seem like common sense – the less you use your appliances, the less energy you use, duh – there are actually benefits to curbing you summer appliance use that you may not have thought of. Consider your major appliances, your washer, dryer, dishwasher, and oven. Each of these major appliances draws a lot of energy and in drawing that energy they generate heat. Using these appliances (the oven in particular) can raise the interior temperature of your home, forcing your HVAC unit to work overtime to get it back down again. This causes you to waste energy (and money) in multiple ways. If you want to get your spending in check this summer, begin curbing your appliance use.

  1. Fans are your Friends

Ceiling fans, standing fans, hand-held fans, paper fans, and baseball fans, all of them should be your friend come summertime. Fans are a fantastic low-cost way to get relief from the heat during the summer. The fresh air blowing over your hot skin will feel fantastic. They also help to circulate air within the home to make it feel fresh. As for baseball fans, well, you cozy up to them for free Diamondbacks tickets. Chase Field is air conditioned all summer long, enjoy a few cool hours there and let the team pay for your comfort!

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