Crucial Tips for Summer Energy Savings (Part Three) - Parker & Sons

That is right, we have returned with even MORE crucial tips for summer energy savings. If you follow all of the thoughtful advice we have compiled here on the Parker & Sons blog, you are going to be rolling in the saving all summer long. What are you going to do with all that extra cash?Something responsible hopefully. You are going to buy something the entire family can enjoy, right? Definitely not that Shimano TRS120MHA Tiralejo Surf Spinning Rod you have been coveting for the last six months. Enough about fishing poles, let’s talk about energy savings.

  1. Windows and Blinds – They’re Great!!!

What better way to describe windows and blinds than with the immortal words of America’s favorite anthropomorphic cereal gobbling feline, Tony the Tiger? THEEEYYY’REEEEEE GREAT! You may be thinking to yourself, “other than the fact that they add incredible design flare to my already sharp and stylish living room, what, exactly, is so G-R-E-A-T about windows and blinds? Let us explain. High-quality, multi-pane windows provide insulation for your home. They keep temperature controlled air INSIDE the home while preventing the oven-hot air outside from getting in. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well,that’s not all. Blinds (and shutters) provide shade and shield the inside of your home from the oppressive heat of the sun’s rays. Rather than warming in the inside of your home, blinds absorb all of that heat themselves, then release it come night.

  1. The Deluxe Approach

Have you ever heard of whole-home fans? They are rare here in Arizona, but they are very effective at cooling at home during specific periods of the day. Whole-home fans typically are installed in the attic where they can be used to draw warm air out of the home, allowing it to be replaced by cooler air. The best time to use a whole-home fan is at the end of the day after the sun goes down.

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