Crucial Tips for Summer Energy Savings (Part Four) - Parker & Sons

We have provided a ton of crucial summer energy savings tips this month. If you implement each and every one of these tips, your home will be running more efficiently than it ever has before. You will be surviving summer in style while your neighbors wonder, “how does he do it?” At the risk of spoiling your secret, why not do the neighborly thing and direct them to the Parker & Sons blog?! After all, everyone deserves summer comfort without having to pay an arm and a leg. Without further ado, let’s go over the last of our summer savings tips.

  1. Unplug Everything

This is a rather simple tip, but it is one sure to net positive (or negative in terms of energy expenditure) results. If you are not using an appliance or device, go unplug it! Why is it still plugged in anyway?! This is a tip that is good all year long, but we are taking this opportunity to remind you how much power even inactive appliances can consume. That is right, appliances that are plugged in but not turned on still draw power! If it is not essential that a device is plugged in right-this-second, go ahead and unplug it.

  1. Consider the Pool

Ah, yes, the pool. For most homes, it is the most forgotten energy hog. During the summer, it can be great having a pool in the backyard. After all, when you get hot, you can just jump in the water and cool off. However, many people forget that pool maintenance can use a ton of energy. Cutting down on this energy consumption can be tricky because you need to make sure that your pool stays in good shape as well. Gradually reduce the frequency with which the filtration system runs until you find a level that is acceptable.

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