Considering Sustainability: Las Vegas Commits to Renewable Energy - Parker & Sons

Sustainability and renewable energy are a reoccurring topic here on the Parker & Sons blog. This is for good reason. They are major topics not just in the industry of heating, cooling, air conditioning and plumbing, but for the entire world. Energy costs are constantly rising, which makes sustainability an important topic for homeowners and consumers as well. Many cities are endeavoring to do something about this by committing to renewable energy. One such city is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas is committing to becoming 100 percent reliant on renewable energy. In order to accomplish this, the city of Las Vegas and NV Energy have teamed up together to submit a plan to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. If the plan is approved by the Las Vegas City Council it will be well on its way towards going into effect.

“This partnership is going to be a sustainability game changer for our city. One thing people are surprised by is how environmentally conscious Las Vegas is when all they know appears to be less than sustainable. However, we are proud to join other community and business leaders who are all leaders in conservation. If the approvals happen we will become the first city of our size in the nation to achieve 100 percent renewable energy for city operations.” said Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman

Are you curious as to how this plan will work? It will depend almost entirely on solar power. Although Las Vegas does draw power from nearby Hoover Dam, the new renewable energy plan will meet its goals by drawing power from the 100-megawatt Boulder Solar plant which is being built in the El Dorado Valley, home of Boulder City, Nevada. It is the goal of the Las Vegas that other cities around the nation will take note of its commitment to renewable energy. Parker & Sons has definitely taken note, and finds the project highly commendable.

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