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I breathe, you breathe, we all breathe oxygen. Yes, good old oxygen. Delicious, nutritious and refreshing air. The stuff of life. There is nothing better than taking a long, deep breath of cool, clean, fresh air. Unfortunately, that is pleasure (and necessity) that is getting hard and harder to experience in life. Yes, it’s true, especially for those of us who live in large, packed cities where pollution and contaminants are common. Fresh air is getting harder and harder to find. And breathe. So why not do everything you can to freshen the air in your humble abode? We have a cool, trick you can use. Just get some house plants!

Because NASA Says So

Honestly, you should listen to NASA on just about everything. They are rocket scientists after all. They are probably pretty smart. In 1989, NASA conducted this thing called the Clean Air Study in which they study the effectiveness of certain houseplants in removing toxic agents such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air while simultaneously combating the effects of sick building syndrome.

Why did NASA embark on this study, you may be asking yourself? It’s simple. There is no air in space. However, in our endless madness, hubris, and optimism, we send people up there anyway. NASA wanted a way to keep the air inside of space shuttles clean in low cost yet effective way. And well what do you know, simple houseplants are quite low costs. As it turns out, they are also quite effective as natural air fresheners.

Here is the best thing, all of the plants studied by NASA thrive in reduces sunlight and in mild temperatures, make them ideal for homes and apartments. If you are looking for a natural air freshener, let us (and NASA) recommend English Ivy or Bamboo Palm.

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