Considering Common and Costly Heating Myths (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Who yagonna call?! Parker & Sons! That is right, we are back to busting today. Not ghost busting though – we are myth busting. Over the last few days we have been knocking down common and costly myths left and right. Already homeowners across the Valley of the Sun have started saving money and improving the quality of their home utilities systems. Make sure you are not left behind. Read on to learn all about our second round of common and costly heating myths.

A Fireplace will solve my Heating Problems

This might be true if you live in a particularly old house that uses the fireplace as a way of providing central heating, but there are very few houses in Phoenix like that. Modern fireplaces are almost entirely ornamental. Sure they look really nice, and they provide plenty of heat if you are standing right in front of them, but step away a few feet and you might not even notice the fireplace is lit. You can count on the fireplace to bring the family together, but you can’t count on the fireplace to keep the whole house warm.

Blocking Vents will solve my Problems!!!

No, unfortunately no it won’t. It could even cause additional problems. If you have a modern forced air heating system, than the system itself will work to make sure that the pressure load is balanced all throughout the home. Additionally, closing vents will cause certain room of the home to be much cooler than others. This is a problem because warm are likes to spread. If you have a cold room next to a warm room, the temperature between the two of them will end up balancing out, and you will just have two lukewarm rooms. That isn’t good enough! This is winter, you need heat!

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