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The plumbing in any home is one of the most essential and most important aspects of overall normal home operation. With that said, planning ahead and considering all aspects of common and useful plumbing tips for homeowners can go a long way in saving money and preventing an interruption in water service. The most common issues associated with home plumbing include everything from a leaking water heater to a clogged drain and burst pipes.

Installing Inexpensive Screens

Grease buildup is another common occurrence that homeowners deal with on a routine basis. One of the best ways to prevent grease buildup is to simply use a container that is intended to catch cooking grease. This is a smart and environmentally friendly way of preventing grease from ending up in a septic systems or public sewer system. Preventing a clogged drain can be as simple as installing inexpensive screens. This is a smart and effective way of preventing debris from ending up in pipes and causing a clog.

Screens Can Routinely Be Removed

These inexpensive screens can be found in hardware stores and department stores and are only a few dollars. Most importantly, these devices are highly effective at preventing clogged drains. Each screen is designed to fit snugly into a drain creating a type of bowl. This then captures hair, soap scum and other debris preventing it from making its way into the plumbing system. Best of all, the screens can routinely be removed and cleaned as necessary to keep water flowing. As a note of caution, there are varying degrees of mesh that can be chosen.

Contact A Plumbing Contractor

Homeowners should choose a mesh that is appropriate for the type of material that typically ends up in the drain. Another important aspect of maintaining the plumbing of a home in top condition is to avoid a leaking water heater. Inspecting a water heater at regular intervals at least a few times each year is a great way to ensure that a leak does not develop. Anytime a homeowner detects any type of leak in a water heater they should contact a plumbing contractor as soon as possible. It is far less expensive to replace a water heater than to deal with the expense of severe water damage. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix plumbing services.

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