Common Plumbing Problems YOU can fix (Part Three) - Parker & Sons

The list of common plumbing problems you can fix all on our own keeps growing. It is important to keep in mind; these are all relatively small plumbing issues. When it comes time for major plumbing work, it is almost always necessary to call a professional plumber. Home plumbing systems are complex. They last thing you want to do is to mess something up. After all, you don’t want to be the poor sap wading through ankle deep water in your basement because you made a little ‘whoopsy.’ Instead, focus on the plumbing problems we address here on the Parker & Sons blog.

Is Your Toilet Running?

No, this is not the plumber’s version of the old, “is your refrigerator running?” gag. Unlike refrigerators, toilets actually can run. Well, they can’t run away, but they can run. If your toilet is running, that is, if it continuously cycles water, you have a problem. Not only is a running toilet very annoying, you continuously hear the whooshing whirl of water cascading down the drain, but you are wasting a massive amount of water as well. This is bad for the environment and your utility bill. You are going to want to fix it as soon as humanly possible.

Most of the time, toilets run because they have a loose or damaged flapper valve. This lets water continuously pass from the tank (above the toilet, where water flows in from the wall) to the bowl. When there is too much water in the blow, it will run down the drain. To fix this issue, all you have to do is replace the flapper. When you peak into the tank, you might even just discover that the flapper is simply misaligned or out of place. In that case, you can just reposition it with your hand! What an amazing plumber you are becoming.

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