Common Plumbing Problems YOU can fix (Part One) - Parker & Sons

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, the odds are that you have a collection of tools buried somewhere in a closet waiting patiently for emergency use. Stubborn clogged toilet? Leaky faucet? Suspicious water buildup in the backyard? Hot water heater not hot water heating? Equipped with a wrench, plunger, and roll of duct tape, are you ready to fix the myriad of issues plaguing your poor, beleaguered plumbing system? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. Sometimes it is hard to know if common plumbing problems can be handled with a little DIY ingenuity or if it requires the attention of a professional plumber. Today, we will look at a few common plumbing problems you can (maybe) fix all on your own.

Slow Draining Drains

Do you have a sink, tub, or toilet which you have noticed is having difficulty draining? Growing a little impatient with the sluggish flow of water into the plumbing system? Have no fear; this may be a job you can handle all on your own. You have a trusty plunger on hand, right? If luck is on your side, that is all you will need. Plungers are simple, timeless, but effective tools. If your plunging technique is on point, you can bust up a clog of mild to medium severity quite quickly.

Let’s brush up on the proper way to plunge. First, drop the head of the plunger below water level. Next, tip it slightly to let out any captured air. Unlike water, air can be compressed, which means that trapped air will make it harder to plunge properly. Now, push straight down over the drain to get a tight seal. Finally, use a vertical up-and-down motion to begin dislodging the clog. Push using short, forceful motions.


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