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The seasons have officially changed over. While we here in Arizona have been ‘enjoying’ the flux in temperature, it is certainly going to be getting uncomfortably warm soon. We here at Parker & Sons always want you to have a great experience which is why we give you tips on winterizing your pool, and when it comes to the short spring into summer of AZ, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. When the temperatures are on the way up and you need to turn the A/C down, here are things to keep in mind so that cold air comes out the vents.

Breaker Breaks

The HVAC system is hooked into your electricity (duh right?), and there is always the change that when you go to flip it on the surge may trip some breakers. Take a breath and check your fusebox. Hopefully, it’s a simple reset needed, and you’re back in comfort. If it continues to trip, however, you may want to call out an electrician to make sure nothing worse is brewing.

Thermostat Troubles

While most modern thermostats have no issues in transitioning season to season, there are plenty of homes with older models. If it’s having troubles in heating or cooling it may need a replacement.

Dirty Coils

Part of your HVAC system, the air conditioner condenser coil is located outside. Due to the nature of, well nature, this can lead to your condenser having debris, dirt, or even corrision affecting it. If you’re AC is set to on, but your home isn’t getting any colder, this may be the culprit. If so it will certainly lead to a spike in your energy bill! Get a professional out there stat to clean up and repair your unit.

These are just a few of the very common problems that can afflict your HVAC service. If any of these are affecting you, or you just want to be certain your HVAC is in tip top shape for the upcoming summer call on a professional for a tune up and get ready to be comfortable.


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