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Heating and cooling systems in today’s world are modern, advanced and reliable. However, there are incidents and cases where these systems do break down. While most newer heating and cooling systems are under warranty, others are not. Knowing where you stand in this regard is important, as is working with the right HVAC contractor in the Phoenix area. While the residents of Phoenix have many choices in this regard some contractors are clearly better than others.

From Water Leaks To Clogged Air Filters

Parker & Sons is a trusted and respected name in a wide variety of heating and cooling services throughout the greater Phoenix region. Common HVAC system failures that the company deals with on a daily basis include everything from water leaks to clogged air filters and electrical outages or even tripped circuit breakers. While many of these problems can be fixed by homeowners, it is often recommended to work with a professional so as to ensure that a system is working at peak performance at all times.

Duct Leaks And Leaking Doors And Windows

Lack of scheduled routine maintenance inspections can also contribute to a system failing or not functioning properly. Having heating equipment elements cleaned and lubricated at regular intervals is the key to ensuring that a system operates normally at all times. Duct leaks and leaking doors and windows can contribute to poor energy efficiency when operating an HVAC system. All these elements of the overall system should be checked routinely to ensure that a heating and cooling system performs the way that it is intended to perform. Cooling systems breakdown because of a number of reasons.

A Wide Variety Of Variables

From refrigerant leaks to a defective evaporator coil and a malfunctioning compressor, there are a wide variety of variables that can all cause an HVAC system to malfunction. Even something as simple as a defective automatic programmable thermostat can cause serious problems for homeowners. As an added note, homeowner should be in the habit of replacing air filters on a regular basis as a way to keep a system operating at peak performance. Sometimes the simplest things can go a long way in maintaining a system in good operating condition over the long term. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about heating and cooling system maintenance and repair in Phoenix Arizona.

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