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The kitchen is an integral part to any home. It also holds some of our best memories, like baking for a birthday, cooking for a casual dinner with friends, and even preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for your immediate family, distant cousins, and even the in-laws. But the kitchen can also hold some pretty horrific memories, like when you might have accidentally cut yourself with a knife. However, through all that the kitchen holds, the kitchen sink has memories of its own. Like any other appliance, it can break at the most inconvenient of times. In order to keep your kitchen sink working throughout the year and helping to build memories in your home, here are some of the most common causes of clogged kitchen sinks, and how you can go about avoiding them in the future.


Fat. Oil. Grease. Even the healthiest of chefs can’t deny that all of these slimy, liquid substances exist in all foods and dishes you will prepare, so getting them caught in your kitchen sink-drain isn’t uncommon. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while these liquids are warm and hot, they will have no issues going down the drain. Only when they have been left to sit and solidify do they become a real problem for your drain, which eventually causes a clog. When these things build up and harden in your drain, you’ll find your sink clogging more frequently, and worse over time. Therefore, it’s best to hire a Parker & Sons professional to take care of the problem. While you can most likely take care of the issue to some degree on your own, professional tools can take care of even the most difficult F.O.G. clogging issues.

Soap Scum.

Soap scum is another common culprit of kitchen sink clogs. While it’s extremely important to clean all of your dishes, food, and utensils, soap scum can build up and erode your piping. Not only that, but soap scum will also act as a sort of glue for other materials that can get caught in the drain, like dead skin cells, hair, and other particles. All of this will build up and onto each other, causing a larger problem than just soap scum. However, if you do find yourself stuck with a soap scum clog, you can try to solve the issue with a sink plunger and cleaning out the drain stopper. If this doesn’t remedy the problem, a Parker & Sons professional can remove the drain elbow joint and give your pipes a quality power cleaning.

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