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People love sharing stories and information. The juicier they think a fact is, the more excited they are to share it with someone else. This is how myths get started. An untrue story, or something that was misinterpreted gets shared around the water cool, and suddenly everyone believes it. Some myths are totally harmless. However, plumbing myths are not that type. Plumbing myths can cost you money by harming your home plumbing system and creating new problems. Today we will look at a few costly plumbing myths.

Clogs will Solve Themselves

A myth which was probably started by passive individuals who were too lazy to solve their plumbing problems. This is entirely untrue. The odds of a clog clearing itself over time are very, very low. In fact, that clog is probably just going to get worse. More and more debris and waste will become attached to it, until your pipe is backed up completely. If your fixtures are draining slowly, you should attempt to fix the clog yourself, or contact a professional plumber.

Citrus Cleans Your Garbage Disposal

Many people will tell you that you should throw a lemon rind down into your garbage disposal if it starts giving off a noxious odor in order to clean it. The scent of the lemon may briefly cover the scent of the garbage disposal, but that lemon is by no means cleaning anything. The disposal may have trouble breaking down the lemon, so you could just be making the problem even worse. To thoroughly clean a garbage disposal you need to use a cleaning agent with a disinfectant. You should can also use a long-handled cleaning brush to clean out the inside of the garbage disposal.

If you have already succumb to either of these plumbing myths, you should call up Parker & Sons and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly plumbing professionals. They will have your plumbing system fixed up in no time!

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