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People are so busy nowadays, they fail to set aside time for a nice soak in the tub. It can be very relaxing and refreshing. If you are renovating your private bathroom, then the purchase of a new bathtub ought to be taken into consideration.  First, it’s important to consider the essentials of a proper renovation: budget, style, and size. Secondly, you want to know the different types of baths before making a purchase lest you be surprised at the store.

Budget and Measurement 

When budgeting, set aside at least one quarter of your total bathroom renovation budget for the purchase of a tub. In order to calculate your total budget, just take 2% of your home’s total value. This will assure that you will raise the value of your home, while staying within the limits of a reasonable budget.  Measure the size of your current bathtub and determine if you have leeway to buy bigger or smaller. Also, measure the door, because you will have to fit your bath tub through it.


The inset bathtub is very utilitarian. It uses the corner of your bathroom and a bathroom wall to create a hybrid bath and shower. These types of tubs are very common, but they will save space and look great.  Free standing bathtubs, on the other hand, are the yin to inset tub’s yang. Basically, they are placed in the middle of the room, serving as the axis around which the rest of the bathroom revolves. This shaped shower bath falls under the sub category of the inset tub. Basically, it is an inset tub with an unconventional design. Tubs may be wavy, hinged, or dropped below the ground level of your home. These are very stylish and great for impressing guests.

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