How to Choose the PERFECT HVAC Contractor? - Parker & Sons

When your HVAC unit goes on the fritz, you are in major need of help. Especially here in Phoenix. ESPECIALLY during summer when temperature routinely creeps above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Spending even a few hours in a home without a functioning HVAC unit is nothing short of pure misery. So, what do you need? You need an HVAC contractor. You need a good one. And you need them fast!

Start Asking for Referrals

Your first step in finding a good HVAC contractor should be to ask for referrals. Now, don’t just go around asking random people on the street who THEY use for HVAC work. Ask people whose opinions you trust. Ask your friends and family. Ask other contractors who you have worked with in the past who you trust. You can even search for reviews online.

Check Licensing and Certifications

Once you have assembled a list of a few potential contractors, it is time to starting doing research to make sure that they are qualified. Never just takes someone’s word. Don’t be afraid to ask directly the contractor to see a copy of their current licenses and certifications. You can also double check that they are associated with the proper national organizations. If you don’t know what licenses/certifications they should hold, check with your state authorities. It is also important that they are properly insured.

Obtain Multiple Bids

Even if your gut is leading you to one specific contractor, it is still important to receive multiple bids. You want to create a very clear picture of the value of the work the contractor will be doing. You can do this by receiving multiple different bids. Be aware that some contractors may try to underbid the project. This will cause the cost to creep up after signing a contract.


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