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A central heating system is an integral part of any modern home. As such, there are some basic central heating system preventative maintenance strategies that every homeowner should address. Staying proactive with regard to maintaining this type of system will ultimately save homeowners money over the long term and reduce the inconveniences associated with a system breakdown. Making sure that a heating system is working properly is a smart money saving technique.

Efficiency Goes Down And The Cost Of Heating Goes Up

Perhaps one of the most obvious and easiest ways of maintaining a heating system at peak operating performance is to routinely check the air filter. Dirty air filters can cause inefficient heating and prevent adequate airflow from occurring. When this happens, efficiency goes down and the cost of heating goes up. Cleaning filters or replacing filters on a monthly basis can be an inexpensive way of ensuring that a central heating system performs at its best at all times. Equally important is to routinely check a central heating system’s ducts.

Find Leaks And Breaks In The System

The duct system is the backbone of any central heating and cooling system. It is responsible for transporting conditioned air to all areas of the home. As such, checking for broken or disconnected ducting as well as leaks can be essential in ensuring that a system performs as intended. Leaks are also vital to detect because they can cause humidity and dust to propagate throughout a home. A professional HVAC technician can quickly inspect ducting to find leaks and breaks in the system and repair these conditions in a fast and efficient manner.

Maintaining Proper Heating And Cooling On An Annual Basis

In addition, checking the blower on a regular basis is an important aspect of maintaining an HVAC system in top operating condition. Regular removal of dirt, soot and debris from a system blower will help to ensure that adequate heating and cooling is always available. As an added note, checking the thermostat to ensure that this particular component is working properly is essential. A properly operating programmable thermostat can greatly reduce energy costs associated with maintaining proper heating and cooling on an annual basis. Occasionally check all aspects of the thermostat to make sure that it performs properly. Contact Parker & Sons today for heating maintenance in Phoenix Arizona.

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