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Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide is produced anytime you burn a fuel. That includes natural gas, heating oil, wood and gasoline. It’s a lethal emission and the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. That breaks down to 20,000 people visiting the emergency room, 4,000 of them being admitted to a hospital and 400 dying because of exposure.




While they vary from person to person, initial symptoms are kind of like the flu, without a fever. You’ll feel dizzy, nauseous and weak. You’ll also notice sleepiness, disorientation and severe headaches. Those feelings aren’t just confined to people as your pets can feel that as well.


How Does It Happen


Your home’s systems are designed to safely get carbon monoxide out of your home, but sometimes they can fail. That could mean a water heater or furnace that starts letting the fumes in. It can also come from a wood burning fireplace where the chimney gets blocked.


Early Warning


This deadly gas is odorless, so you can’t just detect it with your nose. A detector can act as an early warning system when you need it most. Carbon Monoxide alarms work similarly to a smoke detector and work to detect any emissions that could harm you and your family.


Not Just Any Detector


If all of that convinces you that you need to get one or a couple of them for your home, you might also want to consider quality. Many detectors that you could pick up at a hardware or big-box store are programmed to detect CO levels once they get to a point where they’re unsafe. Parker & Sons can help you with a professionally installed detector that can find levels that are three times lower than the ones that cause you to get those symptoms discussed above.


If you’re interested in making sure your family has the early warning they need, schedule an appointment today. We’ll be able to look over your home and determine the best place or places to put one of our detectors to keep you safe.

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