Burning Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to our brief little two-part series on water heater maintenance tips. You have a lot of expensive appliance in your home, and the key to minimizing the costs associated with running these appliance is to tend to regular maintenance. Not only will the lower the operation cost of these appliance, it will also make the appliances last longer. That saves you from having to drop big dollars on purchasing a replacement! In our last post we talked about schedule yearly maintenance checkups for those who would rather not have to get their hands dirty, and we also talked about perform an annual drain/flush.

3. Check the Anode Rod

Check the anode rod? Huh? Is this some sort of spaceship part? No, not quite. While an anode rod sounds like something that belongs in the Starship Enterprise, it is actually a rather innocuous (but important) little piece of your water heater. The anode rod is responsible for keeping your storage tank from rusting. Typically, it is made out of magnesium or aluminum. Anode rods last about a year before they degrade so much that they lose their protective powers. Add this to your list of annual maintenance tasks.

4. Check The Temp

What temperature is your water heater set to? This is a question many people forget to ask themselves. It is possible that you water heater is set much too high. Not only could this be dangerous, it could also be causing your water heater to work harder than it needs to, contributing to wear and costing you extra money on your energy bill. If you water heater is set extra high, consider turning it down to about 120. This will still be plenty hot (trust us) and it could be a major life improvement. And if you don’t like it, you could always turn it back up!

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