Burning Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips (Part One) - Parker & Sons

Earlier this month during our series on common questions we talk about water heaters. Or, “hot water heaters” as they are more often called, a name which to us seems a little redundant. Right? I mean, hot water heater? But we digress. During our conversation about water heaters we answered a question about how long an average water heater lasts. The next logical topic to discuss is that of extending the life of your water heater. A little regular maintenance can often extend the life of an appliance by several years, saving you big money in the long run. Now, it’s time for a few burning hot water heater maintenance tips.

1. Drain/Flush Your Water Heater

You should make it a priority to drain/flush your water heater at least once a year. This tip applies primarily to regular tank-style water heaters. All tank water heaters have a drain valve on them somewhere. Grab a bucket, up the valve, and drain a few gallons of water. If you notice a lot of sediment coming out, you may want to perform a full flush. In such a case, turn the temperature down, completely drain the tank, then run some water through it for several minutes. Once that is done, reseal the valve, turn the water back on, and turn the temperature back up. As an added benefit for draining/flushing your water heater, you will now have opened up a little extra from for additional hot water. Yay for longer showers!

2. Schedule an Inspection

If you are not a handyman-type person and you would rather not perform the drain/flush operation by yourself, you can schedule a professional inspection. It is generally recommended to have such an inspection performed at least once a year.

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