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Every homeowner is going to face plumbing issues from time to time. It is an inevitable, and unavoidable reality of homeownership. It can be a hassle to call a plumber for help with every single minor leak or clog. If you want to start taking care of some minor home plumbing issues on your own, you are going to need to have the right tools for the job. Time to start building your tool belt! So what exactly are you going to need?

A Trio of Wrenches

Wrenches are one of the most basic tools in a handyman’s tool belt. They come in all kinds of shapes and size. There are different wrenches for different types of jobs. When putting together your plumber’s tool belt, there are three crucial wrenches to have. Adjustable wrenches allow you to work on compression fittings, and being adjustable they are quite versatile. Basin wrenches are used for tightening and loosening nuts. They have long shaft which allows them to reach into narrow space. Pipe wrenches are large, heavy-duty wrenches used for loosening and tightening threaded pipes.

Slashing and Cutting

A basic plumber’s kit will need a few tools to help with cutting and resizing things. A Hacksaw is versatile and potent tool which can cut through pipes, screws, and nuts. Copper pipe is used commonly in home plumbing. If you need to cut or resize pieces of copper pipe, you are going to need a tubing cutter.

The Most Important Tool of All

The plunger. The most important tool of all. It is called “the plumbers best friend” for a reason. There is no faster way to bust-up a common, everyday clog than through the use of a plunger. Simply press down into the toilet, create a seal around the drain, and pull upward. Your toilets should be flowing smoothly in no time.

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