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Quickly growing in popularity, tankless water heaters are becoming a more logical and cost effective option for homeowners. Tankless water heaters have been used for a long time in other parts of the world where space is considered to be a premium. There are a number of important benefits worth considering when deciding upon whether or not to install a tankless water heater. For example, this type of water heater can supply a virtual unlimited amount of hot water on demand.

Incredibly High Efficiency Ranking

Best of all, a tankless water heater provides instant hot water as needed. There is no waiting time involved with having access to hot water on demand when using this type of heating system. With an incredibly high efficiency ranking, tankless units can save homeowners 30% or more on water heating expenses on an annual basis as compared to using a tank heater. There is a substantial amount of financial reward when it comes to choosing a tankless water heater system.

Utility Companies Often Make Available Rebates

While the initial upfront cost associated with installing a tankless water heater may be more than what is required to install a tank system, the long-term savings can be very enticing and inviting for homeowners. Other benefits of choosing a tankless water heater include the fact that there are often a number of state and federal tax credits that can be accessed by those choosing this type of water heating system. This combined with the fact that utility companies often make available rebates to those with tankless systems is well worth considering when deciding upon a water heating system.

Limitless Supply Of Hot Water

Finally, along with installing a tankless water heater it is also a good idea to replace older non-efficient appliances with new energy Star models. These also may entitle homeowners to a variety of state and federal tax credits as well as rebates from utility companies. When all these strategies are combined, homeowners stand to save a considerable amount of money each and every year when it comes to utility expenses. Saving money and having immediate access to a limitless supply of hot water can make a big difference in the quality of life of homeowners and the occupants of a typical modern home. Contact Parker and Sons today for plumbing services in Phoenix Arizona.

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