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Are you interested in becoming a plumber? It is a fantastic job with a number of amazing benefits. Skilled, qualified plumbers are ALWAYS in demand. As a plumber, you have incredible job security. You are also paid well and highly respects. Plus, it is an interesting and engaging job which gets you out in the world, meeting people and staying active. There are different paths you can take to become a plumber. We will look at just a few of them today.

Attend a Trade School

One of the best ways to learn to learn the skills of a plumber is to attend a trade school. If you are interested in attending a trade school, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have proper documentation showing your right to work in the United States. Trade school provide detailed, organized curriculums which will teach you everything you need to know. Most of the time, they will also offer careers services to help you get started when you graduate. The downside about trade schools is that you will have to pay tuition.

Join a Plumber’s Union

Joining a union is an excellent alternative to attending trade schools. However, getting into the union can be difficult as demand for membership is almost always high. Unions offer multi-year apprenticeship programs which will teach you how to be a professional plumber. Often, you will even get paid during your apprenticeship! Typically, to join a union you will need to find a sponsor. A sponsor is a contractor who is already a member of the union who is willing to vouch for you and put you up for membership. As an alternative to joining a union, you may be able to find an individual plumber who is willing to offer you an apprenticeship.

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