Bathroom Remodeling 101 - Parker & Sons

If you have decided to start on a new remodeling project, then this is the right blog for you. Remodeling your bathroom is shown to be the second most effective way to improve the value of your home via renovation—Kitchen remodeling is the most efficient, but costs more. Many people think they can just head over to home depot and purchase a new sink, and Voila, the work is done—O contraire!  Bathroom remodeling requires careful planning and precision lest the project sinks underwater. But relax, by adhering to the three principles of bathroom design you are sure to succeed: style, budget, and size.


Before embarking on a new project, you ought to set your budget. To gauge a proper budget, consider the current value of your home. You shouldn’t spend more than 2% of your homes total value. As previously mentioned, bathroom renovation is one of the most efficient ways to boost the value of your home, if you follow the simple formula above you will no doubt accomplish this if you comply with the style and size requirements below.


Measurement is essential. We recommend that all our customers prepare a floor plan with accurate existing measurements. This will protect against purchasing anything out of proportion. Also, toilet location falls under the category of size. It is very expensive to reposition a toilet, so if you can, plan around the current position of your toilet. Lastly the window is a central framing point, and it should be taken into account when you prepare a floor plan.


Styling your bathroom is rather simple. It should match the overall theme of your house. If you have a plain house, designed with white wallpaper, pictures of the family, and portraits of flowers, then you should plan for a simple styled bathroom.

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