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A garbage disposal is a basic and essential element of any home. With that said, there are some tips worth considering when it comes to properly maintaining a garbage disposal unit for the long-term. Perhaps one of the most essential tips when it comes to working on a garbage disposal is to always turn the unit off prior to taking any type of corrective action.

Safer To Use Pliers Or Even Kitchen Tongs To Remove Matter Or Waste

It is equally important to turn off a garbage disposal anytime a system is malfunctioning. This can greatly reduce the chances of damage when a system is actually not working the way that it should. As a safety precaution it is always important to never use the hands or fingers to pull out clogged materials in a garbage disposal unit. It is far safer to use pliers or even kitchen tongs to remove matter or waste that is clogging the unit. As an added note, a great way to maintain a garbage disposal is to run warm water as opposed to hot water through the garbage disposal while grinding up lemon pieces.

Never Attempt To Use Commercial Drain Cleaners

Hot water is never recommend in this regard because it will ultimately melt oil, grease and fat that may be causing the clog and actually make the clog worse than it originally was in the beginning. Another excellent cleaning strategy for garbage disposal units is to fill the unit with ice cubes and a small amount of rock salt and then turn the unit on for a few seconds. Homeowners should never attempt to use commercial drain cleaners when attempting to unclog a garbage disposal.

Ensuring That The System Operates Correctly Year After Year

A garbage disposal unit is a welcome luxury in the kitchen and that is why it is so important to maintain this essential appliance in top operating condition. In addition to the tips outlined here it is also recommended that homeowners become thoroughly familiar with the manufacturers documentation that comes with any garbage disposal system. Reading and understanding manufacturers documentation can go a long way in ensuring that the system operates correctly year after year without causing injury or plumbing related problems. Contact Parker & Sons today for experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix plumbing services that are affordable and friendly.

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