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There are many instances where homeowners can perform a few simple procedures as a way to free up a clogged drain. In other cases, a professional plumber is the recommended and preferred way of remedying a backed up or clogged drain in a home. Either way, there are a few simple and easy to implement strategies that can make drain cleaning easier for homeowners on a daily basis.

Disassemble What Is Known As The Pop-Up Assembly

For example, one of the easiest ways to correct a clogged drain is to simply try a plunger first. This is the first step in getting water flowing again. It is recommended to plug the overflow located at the top of the sink to ensure that a plunger is more effective. After trying to clear a drain using a plunger the next step is to remove the trap and then disassemble what is known as the pop-up assembly. This is an easy way to remove any debris or hair that may have collected in this part of the drain.

Simply Bend A Small Loop At The End Of A Wire Hanger

There are a number of ways to remove debris and hair from a clogged drain. This includes taking advantage of existing tools around the home. A pair of needle nose pliers can work wonders when it comes to extracting material that is causing the clog. Another common strategy that can be tried when attempting to clean a drain is to use the end of a wire hanger. Simply bend a small loop at the end of a wire hanger that has been unraveled. Then use the small hook to carefully remove any debris that may be causing the clog.

Hot Water Also Serves To Melt Away Soap Scum

As a final note, making full use of hot water can greatly assist in unclogging a drain. After a drain has been cleaned it is recommended to run hot water for a few minutes to flush any additional loose debris away. Hot water also serves to melt away soap scum and other similar types of material. Flushing out any excess debris, soap scum or hair is the key to ensuring that another clog does not develop over the coming days and weeks. Contact Parker and Sons for experienced Phoenix plumbing services.

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