Avoiding DIY Disasters: A Guide for Prospective Plumbers - Parker & Sons

We are big supporters of the DIY movement here at Parker & Sons. Working on your own plumbing is a favorite project of DIY enthusiasts. However, one thing about plumbing, making a mistake on a simple job could end with you wading through 2 inches of water as your home slowly, tragically floods. Going DIY can be fun, interesting, and rewarding, as long as you avoid big mistakes. In today’s blog we will look at a few specific issues you should be aware of.


We don’t often resort to caps lock here on the Parker & Sons blog, so when we do you know it is serious business. Before you do anything else, you need to make sure you are turning off the water. At a minimum, you should be closing the local shutoff valve where you are working. More modern homes may even have a shutoff valve for each individual room. You can always consider the main house shutoff as well. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Come Equipped

There is nothing worse than really getting into a job only to find out you don’t have the right parts or tools to finish. Come properly equipped to any job you start. This means planning ahead and knowing what you are getting yourself into. If you are just entering the world of DIY, you should focus on putting together a well-stocked toolbox. Fixing problems with duct tape and cunning may sound fun, but it could end in disaster unless you are already a master plumber. Popular Mechanics put together a list of 12 essential plumbing tools. You can check it out by clicking here. It is a great place to start.

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