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The expression silent by deadly applies better to Carbon Monoxide poisoning than its current use as a vulgar joke. No doubt, Carbon Monoxide can creep up on you insidiously. For CO2 is an odorless, colorless gas that causes complete failure of the lungs if inhaled. The National Fire Protection Association claims that there are typically 72,000 Carbon Monoxide calls a year. Although the number may seem low, the severity of Carbon Monoxide poison makes it imperative to lower that number.

Carbon Monoxide 101

Carbon Monoxide is a gas by-product linked to burnt fuel. Car engine exhaust is primarily Carbon Monoxide, but it is also emitted from wood stoves, and gas furnaces. Usually, Carbon Monoxide poisoning is deliberate id est most cases are suicides—running your car engine in the garage. But occasionally an accidental case occurs. In these situations, victims think they have the flu or chronic fatigue. But really, they are in the grips of a deadly silent enemy.

How to Fight Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Your home absolutely should have a CO2 detector installed somewhere. They are very cheap and easy to install. You can even call us at Parker and Sons and we would be glad to set you up. Without one, your safety is at risk. Once you purchase a C02 detector, regular maintenance is required. That means checking the detector regularly at least every 90 days. What’s more, you want to replace said detector every 3-5 years. Lastly, if you have experienced any unexplained flu like symptoms, you may want to consult a physician to test for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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