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Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential to the heath and happiness of the homeowner. Many are unaware that their home’s atmosphere may be polluted with dry skin, mildew or deleterious allergens. If you ever noticed that your nose is stuffed more often than your peers, or your eyes itch all the time, there is a chance that your IAQ is contaminated. However, there are preventative measures you can take in order to increase the quality of your air, and as a result, enjoy a happier existence.

Maintain, maintain, maintain

The fact that you own an air conditioner is already a step in the right direction. But regular maintenance is required to keep that cool airy breeze blowing gently on your face. Allergens and other suspended pathogens tend to accumulate in the air filter, where they are then dispersed into your home’s atmosphere. Dust mites, pollen, bacteria, and other irritants can overwhelm your AC system, and destroy your IAQ.

Cleaning the Coil

The coil in every HVAC system is especially prone to mold growth. This can easily be dealt with by wiping down the coil with a half-bleach, half water solution, which will eliminate the threat of mold. Of course, when cleaning the coil, double check that you turned off your AC system, lest you suffer a violent electric shock.

Fanning the Fans

The fan on your HVAC system is like a spider web catching allergens, grime, and dirt. Make sure you turn your system off before you inspect your fan, otherwise you may hurt your fingers. A duster should suffice for cleaning the fan. However, nothing can substitute from regular inspections from a rigorously trained HVAC technician such as the ones employed at Parker and Sons.

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