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Since the beginning of time people have been debating about the same things: What is justice? Can men and women be true friends? Are we in control of our destiny? Or which AC setting conserves more energy, the “on” or the “auto” button. The philosophers here at Parker and Sons think we have a ray of knowledge to shine upon the dark, cloudy ambiguity that is air-conditioning settings.

That the “On” Setting is Best

The “On” setting will no doubt cool your home consistently and constantly. But if left “ON” for long periods of time, it can potentially drain your energy bill. That is why many homeowners will forgo the use of the “On” setting entirely and opt for “Auto” to efficiently disperse air throughout their home.

An Objection to the Prior Argument

Given that the “On” system cools incessantly, and the “Auto” function cools selectively, it seems that the “Auto” function must be the most efficient, and thus, save the most money. But the “Auto” setting will not always cool the most efficiently. When the internal temperature of a home reaches a temperature higher than the one specified on the thermostat, then the “Auto” function triggers the air conditioning. But if the “Auto” setting is left on all the time it could run incessantly much like the “on” function. Considering that temperatures are the hottest during the day, the “on” function potentially wastes the most amount of energy during the time span when it is needed least.

That there is a Solution

It really depends on the system. More often than not, “Auto” is the best setting, unless you have a two stage system, in which case “on” is the best setting.  If you set auto at the correct temperature it will run at a lower gear, and thus conserver energy while maintaining temperature.

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