Arizona Receives Influx of Conservation Funds - Parker & Sons

The United States Fish and Wildlife Services recently announced that Arizona will be receiving approximately $26 million of conservation funding as part of a distribution from the $1.1 billion generated by the Pitman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sports Fish Restoration Acts. Arizona is one of four states including Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas, who will be splitting the $1.1 billion of funding.

Texas ($52,648,507) received the largest portion of the funds. Arizona ($25,896,359) received the second largest portion follow by Oklahoma ($23,945,359) and New Mexico ($20,830,305).

The funding is intended to support conservation efforts while improving and enhancing existing outdoor recreation facilities. Conservation projects will include the maintenance of wildlife habitats, the support of declining sport fishing species, wildlife population surveys, wildlife research, and public education.

Pitman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sports Fish Restoration Actswere funded by taxes placed on fishing, hunting, and shooting gear as well as through fuel taxes. The idea behind the funding structure is that those individuals who most utilize the outdoor spaces would be those best suited to fund its support.

The director of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Larry D. Voyles said, “Arizona outdoor enthusiasts support conservation through the purchase of hunting and fishing equipment. Thanks to our hunters and anglers, who continue to be the primary benefactors for wildlife conservation, the WSFR funds we receive will be used for the direct benefit of Arizona’s wildlife.”

Since 1937, the Wildlife and Sport Fishing Restoration Program has generated over $18 billion for the support and conservation of wildlife all across the United States of America. From sea to shining sea, America’s incredible natural splendor has always been one of its most valuable resources. Funding such as Arizona has recently receive ensure that America’s natural beauty will be preserved.

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