Are You Ready for Hot Weather? Is Your A/C Ready?

When that first hot day hits in Phoenix, there’s nothing worse than an air conditioner that doesn’t work properly or at all. If you want to avoid coming home to a sweltering hotbox after a long day at work, you need to make sure your air conditioner is properly tuned and ready before those skyrocketing temperatures arrive.

Proper A/C tune-ups provide a wealth of benefits for every homeowner, and failing to have one done at least annually can have significant consequences.

The following are just a few of the benefits of having your HVAC system tuned up before summer officially arrives.

Saves Money

Everyone has heard the adage that you have to spend money to make money, and this also applies to your air conditioning. Spending a little money now on an A/C tune-up helps you save money over time. Properly maintained air conditioning systems perform more efficiently, which means they use less electricity. In some cases, these savings can be as high as $30 each month, which means the tune-up pays for itself within just a few weeks.

HVAC systems that are clogged or have parts that are malfunctioning have to work much harder to provide the comfort you need. Not only will this overwork your system and increase your utility bills, it can quickly cause serious damage to your unit. While it may require only minor repairs, such as replacing a part or two, clogs or malfunctioning can also result in complete failure, which means you’ll have to cover the costs of replacing the unit.

Another important consideration when it comes to proper A/C tune-ups is manufacturer warranties. Most manufacturers require proper maintenance, and failing to have this done usually results in you having to pay for all repairs – even those that would normally be covered under warranty.

Peace of Mind

You want to make sure your family is safe, and an A/C tune-up will help you do that. Faulty parts or clogged systems can affect the air quality in your home, and they can also cause significant danger as well. HVAC systems that have to overcompensate can cause fires and even health issues if they aren’t working properly. All of these issues can quickly be discovered during a routine tune-up, giving you peace of mind that your family and home are safe.

Tune-Up Checklist

A proper air conditioning tune-up will cover a range of services to ensure your system is functioning at optimal levels. These services include:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting motors, contactors, capacitors and other major components
  • Checking ductwork
  • Verifying condenser is working properly
  • Changing air filters
  • Inspecting Coils
  • Checking Drains
  • Evaporator checks
  • Proper cleaning
  • And much more

If you want to save yourself the headache of dealing with that hot Phoenix sun when the temperatures start to climb, you need an air conditioning tune-up. If the money you save in utility bills and repair costs isn’t enough to convince you, consider how uncomfortable you and your family will be when its 95 degrees in the shade, and you’re A/C quits working.

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