Why Is My Toilet Constantly Running? - Parker & Sons Phoenix

Back at it again answering common home service related questions. What can we say. We are Parker & Sons, and that is just what we do. We make life a little easier for homeowners and renters all across the great Valley of the Sun. We could probably continue with this blog series for an eternity if we wanted to. There are thousands of questions that people have about their plumbing, electrical, water treatment, and HVAC systems. In part, this is because all of those systems are incredibly complex. Plus, all of these systems are in use every day and are things we often take for granted. That means when something goes wrong with one of them, we want answers quickly!

Today, we are going to talk about an issue that is equal parts annoying (bad for your sanity) and equal parts (bad for your pocketbook), which means the faster you deal with this issue, the better.

We ask: Why is my toilet constantly running?

First, what does it mean that a toilet is constantly running? A running toilet is one in which there is a constant leak from the tank where water from the plumbing system is fed, to the toilet bowl, where water typically waits for use. The result of a running toilet is that water is constantly draining down out of the toilet, so you are constantly wasting water. As we mentioned, this cause a really annoying sound, but it also going to rack up your water bill.

A running toilet can be caused by a number of issues, although the most common cause is a damaged flapper. It is also possible that the chain connection the flapper to the handle of the flusher is kinked. If you cannot identify either of these problems, then the issue may be more severe. In such cases, you should consider calling a professional plumber.

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