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Ah, finally, it’s time to talk about leaks, one of our all-time favorite subjects. While we enthusiastically handle all types of home service needs here at Parker & Sons, there will always be a soft spot in our hearts for plumbing. And of all the plumbing issues, leaks may be the most common. Although clogs could definitely make a case of their own about holding that top spot.

Leaks are an interesting issue. Unless we are talking about a full-on pipes bursting scenario, the problems caused by leaks are rarely immediate or overwhelming. Instead, they are slow and insidious. Often, the leaks can be around for days, weeks, or even months before you notice them. And in that time they can cause a devastating amount of damage. Leaks can cause mold and mildew growth, lead to gallons of wasted water, and they can even cause major water damage which can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Scary stuff, right? So clearly leaks are a major problem, but how can you tell where the leaks are coming from?

Locating the source of the leak

The source of a leak can be infuriating to track down. The longer a leak has been doing its thing (namely, leaking) the farther the water is going to spread, and the farther you are going to have to expand your search to track down its source. As an amateur, your options in terms of track down techniques are rather limited. In fact, all you really have to go on are immediate visual clues.

Get help from a expert plumber in the Phoenix area

As professional plumbers, we have a number of techniques, tools, and tricks for tracking down the source of a leak, and subsequently shutting it down. If you find yourself at your wits end locate the source of a leak, consider giving us a call. We guarantee we will be able to track that pesky leak to its source.

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