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Fall is coming, and for many unfortunate Phoenicians, that means there is a new allergy season just around the corner. For some, allergies spike in the spring. For others they are worse in the fall. Some individuals just have trouble all year around. You may not be able to regulate the allergens in the airwhen you are outside, but the least you could ask for is the ability to breathe clean air inside your own home.

Changing Air Filters

Most allergens are going to find their way into an individual’s body through the air. Dust, pet dander, dead skin cells, pollen, and more, all hitch rides on air currents, dancing around, until they are sniffed up through a nose, or breathed in through a mouth. From there they go on to cause trouble – snot bubbles, sneezes, sniffles, and nightmares. The best way to keep these allergens from making their way into your system, is to install and properly maintain air filters. Typically air filters require changing once every three to four months.

Keep Proper Airflow

You want to keep the air in your home as fresh as possible. This means you need to have proper airflow. Air conditioning units are going to be a big help, but they can do the job all on their own. Keep doors open, so air can circulate from one room to another. Not only will this help to break up allergens, and keep them moving through air filters, this will also help you regulate your home’s temperature. Circulating air is clean air, and clean air is heathy air.


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