How Air Leaks Could Keep You From Staying Cool - Parker & Sons

Summer in Phoenix is all about findings ways to stay cool. Humans were just not designed for prolonged exposure to temperatures above 100-degrees. Not only is it really, really unpleasant (the sweat, ohgodthesweat) it is actually dangerous! Prolonged exposure severe temperatures and direct sunlight can lead to heatstroke and death. So what is our solution? Mostly, we just spend time indoors where the air conditioning makes things livable. But what if the air conditioning isn’t making things livable? Then we have a bit of a problem, don’t we? What could cause such a situation? Let’s introduce you to one common culprit – air leaks.

The Two Types of Leaks

There are two primary types of home air leaks which we will cover here today. First, and typically the worst culprit, are general air leaks around the home. Keeping the interior temperature of your home pleasant is all about insulation. With proper insulation you home will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. General air leaks are the enemy of insulation. These are small areas like gaps around windows or doors through which temperature controlled air can escape. Sealing these leaks can greatly improve the overall performance of your HVAC unit and help you control the interior temperature of your home at lower cost.

The second type of leak we will discuss are duct leaks in your HVAC system. Duct leaks do not result in the direct loss of temperature controlled air as with general-home leaks, but they can have a major impact on your comfort level. The duct system is designed to deliver air to specific locations in the home, such as bedrooms or the living room. If you have a leaky duct system, that air might just be getting pumped out into the hallway, leaving the intended destinations warm and stuffy.

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