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Air-conditioning is one of the most important and essential comforts that will make the home environment truly more enjoyable. Not only does air conditioning make a home more comfortable it also provides important safety for the young and elderly. During excessively hot times of the year, a failed air-conditioning system can spell disaster for those that are susceptible to heat stroke and other heat related illnesses. That is why it is so important to have a properly functioning AC system at all times.

Outdoor Unit Is Properly Shaded

One excellent strategy for ensuring that an air-conditioning system will operate properly at all times is to make certain that the actual outdoor unit is properly shaded. Good shading for any outdoor AC unit can make the system more efficient and will ensure that the system has an easier time of cooling air that will then be piped into the home. Another often-overlooked strategy is to always avoid placing anything that generates heat near the system thermostat. This includes everything from a TV set to an appliance that produces heat or even a lamp.

An Inexpensive And Modern Automatic Thermostat

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase the efficiency and overall reliability of any AC system is to make full use of an inexpensive and modern automatic thermostat. When a system is programmed for peak efficiency it can easily save a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary cooling or heating expenses. It is important to note that a single degree of temperature on a typical thermostat can increase or decrease energy consumption by as much as 8%.

Replace An Old Outdated Unit With A New And Modern System

This simply means that keeping the thermostat set at 78° during the summer as opposed to 77° can amount to hundreds of dollars in savings on an annual basis. Who could have ever imagined that a single degree of temperature and save so much money for homeowners? Finally, one of the best ways to maximize efficiency when it comes to keeping a home cool is to replace an old outdated unit with a new and modern energy-efficient system. Many air-conditioners today come with the Energy Star seal letting homeowners know that they have chosen and energy-efficient appliance for their home. Contact Parker & Sons today for AC repair in Phoenix Arizona that is reliable, dependable and trusted.

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