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Perhaps one of the most affordable and most convenient ways for homeowners to maintain an HVAC system in peak operating condition is to exercise proper air filter care, maintenance and replacement strategies. Excessively dirty filters, filters that are improperly fitted and filters of the wrong type can greatly increase indoor air pollution and reduce overall HVAC system efficiency. Considering these simple strategies is a way to save money and improve indoor air quality.

Having An Excessively Dirty Filter

For example, from throwaway filters to electrostatic filters and cartridge filters as well as pleated filters, there are a wide variety of filters for HVAC systems on the market today. Homeowners should take the time to get to know their system so that they always purchase the right types of filters. This is essential because the wrong filter when installed can be as troublesome as having an excessively dirty filter. Take the time to read manufacturer’s documentation with regard to purchasing the right type of filter for a particular HVAC system.

More Polluted Than That Found In The Outdoors

Homeowners may also wish to consider installing something known as a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is a High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter that is intended to greatly eliminate the incidence of particulates, allergens and microbes in the air. When a HEPA filter is incorporated into a typical HVAC system, the end result is far better quality when it comes to indoor air. Many studies have shown that indoor air can often be more polluted than the air found in the outdoors. Take the time to know the particulars when it comes to choosing the right type of air filter as a way to ensure better indoor air quality for family members.

Air Quality And Comfort Along With Reducing Stress

Finally, changing filters at regular intervals is essential to ensuring the best in efficiency of an HVAC system. In addition, lowering energy bills and decreasing one’s carbon footprint can best be served by paying particular attention to the all-important HVAC system air filter changing routine. Improved indoor air quality and comfort along with reducing stress and strain on an HVAC system can be as simple as maintaining a regular air filter changing schedule. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about HVAC system repair and maintenance in Phoenix Arizona.

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