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You wake up early to get ready for work. You hop in the shower and open up the water. You wait a second, and another, and another… eventually a weak stream of slow flowing water starts dripping out. You think to yourself, “Well, this shower is going to take about an hour.” You are dealing low water pressure, a scourge of homeowners across the nation. You don’t have to live like this though! There are solutions! Parker & Sons is here to help.

Replacing Pipes

This is a rather big change, but it could make your low water pressure problems a thing of the past. The idea is a little complicated, but we will try to simplify it for you. Basically, the smaller the pipe, the higher the water pressure will be. ½ inch pipes will generate less water pressure than ¾ inch pipes. If you are renovating now, you can consider switching pipes for low cost. If you would like to upgrade your current pipes, you should enlist the services of a professional plumber as this will be a significant job.

Look for Blockages

Often, low water pressure is a result of blockages in your pipes. This is particularly common here in Arizona where we have issues with hard water. Use a water softener if you are not already doing so. Some commercial drain cleaners can be used to break up blockages or mineral buildups. If your low water pressure problems developed slowly over a period of time, it may be linked to hard water mineral buildup.

Contact a Professional

Discovering the exact cause of low water pressure can be very tricky. There may even be multiple issues occurring all at the same time. If your low water pressure problem persists, consider calling a professional plumber and having them perform a professional diagnosis.

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